What is the Illinois Public Safety Telecommunications Association (IPSTA) ?

What is the Illinois Public Safety Telecommunications Association (IPSTA)?

IPSTA is the not-for-profit corporation that was authorized by the Illinois APCO and INENA Boards as a way to address the tax implications that occurred each year following the October Conference. The Illinois APCO Chapter had always handled the book keeping and tax filings. This was facilitated by the long time Chapter Treasurer, Richard Bauer.

One of the things that would occur was with the combined incomes of the Illinois APCO Chapter and the conference, we would exceed the limits for filing a short form for the IRS. The individual incomes would allow a short form to be filed if they could be legally separated. Rich had always taken on the task of doing this long form each year, but with his impending retirement, he suggested we might want to consider forming a new corporation so the conference finances could be handled separately. Following the IL APCO election, the new treasurer indicated that he was not comfortable handling the long form filing process and could need to seek outside professional assistance if we continued to combine the conference and chapter funds.

This information was brought to both boards and it was agreed that we would establish a new corporation to help with the IRS filing process. There was to be no changes in the way the conference was run, nor the way the profits were handled. The IPSTA Board is made up of long time conference committee members and the Presidents of both chapters. The first conference run under this configuration was held in 2004 and the profits have been distributed in the same manner as in previous years. We intend to make this as transparent to the membership and the conference attendees as possible.

Should anyone ever have any questions about the status of the operations, please feel free to contact any of the Board members or me directly.

Tammy Peterson, Chairperson

The 2023 IPSTA Executive Board


Chairperson Tammy Peterson
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Vice -Chairperson Jason Kern
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Secretary Amy Marion
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Treasurer Mike O’Connor
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IL APCO President Brent Reynolds
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INENA President Shelley Dallas
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