Tuesday 4:00 PM Leading With Positive Intent

Program Objectives 

Leading with Positive Intent     
1) Leading isn't easy, but we were chosen for a reason. 
2) You may not be able to control everyone's attitude, but you can control your own! 
3) Ways to lead with positive intent!    

Program Description

Over the last several years I have gone from dispatcher to supervisor, supervisor to assistant director and now Director for the last year. I continously challenge myself to learn and grow as a leader, one huge thing I have learned through my courses is that you may not be able to control everyone else's attitude, but you can control your own. Start each day with positive intent, even when it's hard on those bad days.... remember it's a bad day not a bad life. You have to keep at it! Being intentional with how we respond and how we approach employees speaks volumes about us as leaders.    

Presenter Bio 

I am Rhonda Flegel, current Director for McLean County 911 Communications. I have been with my agency for the past 14 years, starting in dispatch and working my way up. I recently received my CMCP and am currently enrolled in RPL Program. 911 is my home and my passion, I love what I do (even on the hard days.)