Tuesday 3:00 PM Digitally Transforming 9-1-1: Doing more with Less in Challenging Times

Program Objectives

Digitally Transforming 9-1-1:  Doing More with less in Challenging Times    
1) Problem-solve by identifying the major time-consuming activities that divert your focus away from time that could be spent motivating and retaining staff; 
2)Get hours back in each day by automating and improving necessary but mostly manual tasks, including quality assurance, reporting, incident reconstruction, and more; 
3) Apply time-savings in the most effective way to better manage, motivate and retain 911 center staff.    

Program Descrption

As a 911 center leader, you’re pulled in a lot of different directions. Your time is consumed managing daily operations, and handling performance reporting, hiring, staff supervision, and even navigating different systems to reconstruct incidents to fulfill evidence requests. All of this manual work and the friction it creates in day-to-day processes can slow you down, and distract you from important things that can keep your staff motivated and engaged – like Quality Assurance, coaching, training and mentoring. Attend this educational presentation to learn how you can free up time and resources to focus on the human side of 911, by digitally transforming manual, time-wasting tasks.    

Presenter Bio

Mark Petersen is a Public Safety Manager for NICE Public Safety serving the Midwest region. With more than two decades of experience in the Public Safety industry, Mark has consulted with hundreds of 911 centers to help them implement cost effective recording, QA and PSAP Performance solutions to help them improve their performance and operational efficiency. Mark holds a degree in Ag Economics from the University of Nebraska and frequently speaks on educational topics at Public Safety conferences throughout the U.S.