Tuesday 1:00 PM Being Healthy and Fit in the Comm Center

Program Objectives

Being Fit and Healthy in the Comm Center   
1) Present my story and describe the importance of having fitness goals and how to see those come to fruition. 
2) Discuss the challenges and obstacles to becoming fit and healthy and how to overcome those challenges. 
3) Inspire attendees to make healthy lifestyle changes and choices!    

Program Description

Hear one dispatch supervisor’s story of his journey from being morbidly obese to weight loss and lifestyle change. Learn tips and ways on how to change yourself for the better and improve your life!   

Presenter Bio

Harold Downs started as a 9-1-1 Telecommunicator with Naperville in December 2005 and worked as a part-time calltaker/fire dispatcher with Oak Lawn Regional Emergency Communications from October 2016-July 2021. He was promoted to Emergency Communications Supervisor for Naperville in August 2021.